The Art of Letting Go

Why is it so hard for us as humans to just “let it go”? We encounter situations daily that get under our skin and send our minds racing. I can think of plenty of times I have come home spewing about a situation at work only to be faced with a sense of increased frustration. It is easy to say the words “I’ll let it go” however it never seems to happen instantaneously.

The problem is that those seemingly small instances that annoy or hurt us can grow into something bigger potentially damaging our spirit. It is important to become aware of how we are feeling to prevent this from happening. Most times, even though we know a situation is damaging, there is some kind of block stopping us from letting go.

This tells us that there is something deeper rooted around the issue. This could potentially be a trigger point for something that happened in the past. Maybe the issue is related to a pattern that keeps occurring in your life. If you are experiencing a sensation of being stuck while trying to let something go, ask yourself the following questions:

It takes great courage to let go. As a society we have been taught to fight for what you want and hold on to what you have. “What do I do when I have been holding on to something that is not serving me in any way?” has not been answered by our culture. Once you build up enough nerve to ask that question you can answer it with an affirmative “You let it go”.

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