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How To : Create A Balanced Space

First of all, let me say, one of my favorite things in life is decorating! When I first moved into my office, I was so excited to see what I could do with this blank canvas. I knew I wanted the space to be inviting, a reflection of me, and a place that my clients enjoyed coming to.

I love the way my office feels and many that have entered use the word “calm” to describe it. I tried very hard to balance the energy in here by using a mixture of Feng Shui and Symbolism.

What is Feng Shui? “ Feng Shui is sometimes thought to be the art of placement—understanding how the placement of yourself and objects within a space affects your life in various areas of experience. It is a complex body of knowledge that teaches you how to balance and harmonize with the energies in any given space “ according to


I place my desk facing the door, signaling to the universe that I am open to new opportunities. I have it in the corner of my office facing outward so that I have command over the room. I have a tall-back chair for support making this a very functional, yet relaxing work space.


I never turn on my overhead office lights. I find they give off a harsh, yellow-type light that distracts my focus and strains my eyes. Instead, I have the blinds on my window in the open position, letting in copious amounts of natural light. For days where sunshine is in short supply, I have three smaller lights that give off a much softer glow.


I like to play soft piano music alternating with meditation music or nature sounds. I find this to be extremely relaxing while producing an environment of productivity. It can be distracting at times, so I use my discretion depending on the client. You will also hear a soft lull of my tower fan in addition to a light trickling sound coming from my table top water feature.

Element Balance

This was an effort to symbolize a balancing of all elements to create an environment where my clients can recalibrate and prosper.

Earth: I have many indoor plants in my office which give off a more home-like feel. These plants not only add fresh oxygen in the air, but more life as well!

Water: As I mentioned above, I have a small table top water feature. The water trickles down in a slow, steady, stream until it hits the rocks in the basin below. It produces a very soft, pleasant, water sound that has an extremely calming effect.

Wind: My tower fan is always on to circulate the air. The best way to shift the energy of the room is to shift the air you are breathing in it. It also produces white noise which can be conducive to relaxation.

Fire: I like to burn a candle when I am working. This creates a cozy and calm vibe, while filling the room with a sweet yet subtle scent. I burn a lavender-scented, soy candle before my clients arrive. I usually blow it out before they enter so that it is not too overpowering.

All who enter my office are invited to leave their worries at the door and just relax. This is a safe space in which we discover, collaborate, experiment and work hard to better ourselves. It is a place of empowerment, love, and strength. May all who enter leave with a greater sense of self and a feeling of inner peace.

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