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Five Steps to Diminishing Stress and Anxiety

Are you anxious before giving a presentation? Do you feel stressed out at the thought of going to work? Have you felt the feeling of dread before an event?

These feelings apply to many different situations that we encounter in life. Regardless of how these encounters make us feel, often times we still have to attend. Here are some ways to relieve the stress and anxiety, using the example of a dreaded event.

1. Get in touch with what is causing these feelings:

During this time, whether it is the night before or the morning of the event, you will ask yourself the following questions:

What is causing me to feel this stress/anxiety?

How does my body tell me I am feeling this way?

How will I manage it?

In what ways will I be stronger after doing this very thing I am dreading?

After taking the time to answer these, take a few deep breaths and visualize what you would like to happen at the event without the feeling of stress and anxiety.

2. “Look Good, Feel Good”

Studies have shown that when you are dressed in an outfit that makes you feel confident, you will in turn exuberate that confidence. Dressing up and feeling well are synonymous with success.

3. Listen to your “Get Happy” playlist

In the car or as you are getting ready, blast those songs that are guaranteed to make you smile. These will improve your mood and get you pumped up before you even step foot inside of your event.

4. Arrive Early

Arriving late can add extra stress to your already stressful situation. By coming early, you can squeeze in one more song or one more positive thought before you have to go into “the unknown”. Use this time to take deep breaths and get back in touch with yourself.

5. Remember your “WHY”

In taking the time to center yourself, you answered the question of why you would be stronger after the completion of the event. Whether this is meeting a personal goal, receiving a paycheck, or avoiding conflict, there is something to be gained.

These steps are meant to bring the power back into your hands. It is easy to let the fear of the unknown make us feel stressed or anxious. The strength lies within each of us when we can recognize these feelings and manage them in order to be the best versions of ourselves. If we can set boundaries as to what we let affect us, then others have less of an impact on our true feelings.

“Never Forget How Wildly Capable You Are”

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