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Being "Present" Is A Gift

Moments in our society are so fleeting, you blink and you miss them. I think a lot of us (I am guilty of it too) get so caught up in what is coming in the near future that we forget about our present.

We are surrounded by love, nature and ideas that will only be the way they are in this moment.

I try not to be consumed by my phone and social media, but in this case I am talking about more of a mental state. When your mind is flooded with anticipatory thoughts of what is ahead, it leaves no room to appreciate what is happening around you.

When our head is swirling with these thoughts; it is easy to get overwhelmed, lash out, or absent mindedly listen to a coworker or loved one, missing important details.

Here is a quick exercise to bring you back into the present moment when you feel your head jumping ahead of itself:

  • Take a deep breath in and exhale out slowly picturing all of your thoughts escaping your mind on the exhale. Repeat this a few times until you feel your mind empty.

  • Remind yourself of your surroundings by feeling your feet placed firmly against the ground.

  • Notice how your body is feeling at that very moment and ask yourself: What do I need in this moment?

  • After your quick evaluation, readjust your thoughts to what you need in this moment and continue whatever it was you were doing previously.

This exercise is quick and easy to implement regardless of you being at work, in a meeting, involved in a conversation or alone in your room. Use the time you have, every second of it, to benefit your growth into the person you want to become. When you are stuck in the future-only mindset, it can be just as damaging as only living in the past. Growth occurs when we focus on the present moment and make conscious decisions to be better than the moment before.

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